Our preference for the wording above the smiley face would be "Thank you for your contribution" instead of "Thank you for your payment"... as explained, contribution is just slightly broader and covers payment, donations, unique involvement activities... given we like to offer these engagement activities for free with option to donate, "payment" is a bit confusing for the user.
Also, "Buyer Information" in the main contact field it could be "Your Information". More general to match more scenario cases
Current embedded text:
We use Simplyk, the only ticketing for non-profits that gives us 100% of your payment. A contribution to support them will be suggested at the confirmation step.
Suggested Improvement
We use Simplyk, a ticketing platform for non-profits that gives us 100% of your contribution. An opportunity to support them will be provided at the confirmation step.
Created by Stéphanie Pelland
February 4, 2022